Saturday, March 5, 2016

Meet Bo's Snack Attack

Docile and calm, Bo hasn't caused much trouble in our house. But he has learned to check a certain door leading into the one bedroom where the cats eat. To keep the dogs out of the extra bedroom, we installed two features: a latch lock on the door, and a kitty door.

The kitty door works just fine. Bo can't fit. The cats can. And, quite honestly, the latch works just fine long as someone locks it.

Sometimes someone forgets to put the latch on the door (we won't get into who). And Bo checks that one door by ramming his head into it. When it has been locked, it sounds like Vikings are taking a battering ram to the house. He grinds his head against the wood, the hinges screech, the door jamb crackles, and the floor rumbles. Cats scatter.

When the door, unlocked and forgotten, has swung open, Bo has entered and has gobbled down all of the dry cat food from the feeder. This snack attack has happened more than once. We won't count.
This act has one significant consequence: Bo gets a tummy ache. Like an old furnace asked to heat ancient pipes for one more winter, Bo whines and groans and rattles around the house for several hours. He requests to go outside...a lot. And he sounds pathetic, but the discomfort and distress eventually passes.

You'd think the humans would remember to keep the door locked!


  1. Love the comparison to the battering ram. Surprised his stomach is so sensitive. Most Labs can eat nails.

  2. I hate it when those things happen! My dog used to constantly get into the cat litter and eat the cat poop. Sick! Finally, we got a gate. Our lives have changed exponentially.

  3. So, so me anyway - maybe not to you and Bo! We have a gate up to our hallway where the cat food bowl is. It has a tiny cat door that the dog can't fit through, though she's tried. Fortunately we don't have a feeder, just a small bowl. We went to that, so that when "someone" forgets to close the gate the dog can only gobble down a few mouthfuls!

  4. I heard Bo's head hit the door. You'd think the cats would unite and protest. But they're probably all asleep, right? :-)