Monday, February 24, 2014

Style for Sarcoma

If words arose from raw materials rather than airy thoughts, "proud" would be hewn from diamond, the strongest stone on earth. One doesn't just find diamonds. They have to be unearthed at great sacrifice and expense. I find the feeling of being "proud" of someone so similar to that glimmering rock.

An 8th grader unearthed that rugged, shimmering diamond from me today. Rarely have I ever listened to a student speak and found myself so proud.

Eva, our student, delivered an assembly to the entire 8th grade about Sarcoma, a rare form of cancer.

It wasn't a research assignment for school. Eva's actions came from the heart because her beloved aunt, AnaMarisa is battling Sarcoma.

To help raise money for the cause, Eva educated herself, created a Facebook page , a YouTube channela donation website, and is running make-up classes for teens. As she explained, she chose something she has always loved to do and found a way to do it to inspire hope and change.

She has already raised over $2,000 in under two weeks of fundraising. 

If you would, please watch both videos. It won't cost you anything other than a few minutes of time, but at the very least, Eva's message will reach another set of eyes and ears...and her goal of educating more people about this rare form of cancer will come true.

Of course, supporting Eva on her Facebook page or organizing a few teens to host or attend one of her make-up classes would also go a long toward fulfilling her ultimate dream of someday inspiring a cure.

Thank you for the taking the time to watch. I know many of you have children of your own, or friends, like Eva. I am sure you will see why I began this blog post with diamonds.

I am so proud of you, Eva. Good Luck with your important and inspiring work! You are making a difference and taught us something today that can't be learned from a textbook: the virtue of generosity, and the virtue of compassion.


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