Monday, March 11, 2013

Rock, Paper, Scissors--shoot!

Out of the blue, a student asked to leave the classroom a minute before the bell rang.

Also out of the blue, I offered a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors for the blessing to leave early. Best out of three. Me versus a fourteen year-old.

I won.

Several days later, the student asked to play again as did each of her friends. So, I played again. The games went well past the bell.

And I won. Again, and again, and again. The kids leave with a half-smile, half frown.

So, after a month of playing Rock, Paper, Scissors against various fourteen year-olds, I remain undefeated. No one has left a minute early and the adrenaline thrums at the end of class with each passing day.

A conservative estimate would have me at 20-0 after my 4-0 sweep of four different girls today. And I am starting to generate a lot of energy and excitement each time we play--my opponent and I will each chant out Rock-Paper-Scissor--shoot! 

Sometimes I almost feel bad after they go up 1-0 on me in a best out of three game, only to lose the neck two shoots.

It leaves me wondering if they have any strategy? I think I have a strategy when I play...I think I can read the landscape of the game as it unfolds...but, I ask, can one have a Rock, Paper, Scissors strategy?

Am I just lucky?

Or do I have something going here--toppling fourteen year-olds in Rock, Paper, Scissors? I am thinking I need to order one of these bad to the bone Rock, Paper, Scissors tshirts...

Seriously though--these types of moments are just one part of what makes teaching middle school kids priceless.


  1. I love this! I love teaching middle school too and I can feel their enthusiasm for the game!

  2. I was thinking all the way through....can you have a strategy for Rock, Paper, Scissors? Now, Brian I won't be able to sleep thinking about this! I think it is luck!

  3. It is priceless when you meet them and engage with them as you do. You are a gem for them that they will remember for years to come.