Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Email Signature Initiative

I want to give credit, but I cannot recall specifically where I first saw or heard the idea of adding the current book you are reading to your email signature. I want to say I saw it on Twitter...I want to say it was a part of a National Writing Project article...I can't recall. But it has stuck with me, and I recently added it to my signature.

A colleague commented that he thought it was pretty neat, and did it himself...and then suggested it could be a cool idea for a building-wide initiative among the faculty.

We have not moved that far yet, but I took a lateral step with it. Since our students have district email accounts, I (on email) sent my students instructions on how to add it to their account. Also, I asked them to send me an email so I can see it in action.

I like that it creates another level of respect for reading--we honor it with a small space at the bottom of an email, and it opens another door of conversation. In less than a week I've already had three conversations about books all originating from the signature at the bottom of an email.

Our 8th staff has had conversations recently about working to improve our state reading scores. What can we do across the masses to inspire growth among all of the kids and not just small pockets of demographics.

Perhaps this idea is step in the right direction in terms of attitude. Hopefully, my colleague and I will use this as a demonstration piece at an upcoming faculty meeting...and inspire a new, purposeful, building-wide initiative.

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