Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bringing Life to a Line...Digitally

We're using an app called Phoster to create digital posters of a slice of text from the The Diary of Anne Frank.

Students dig for one image that helps us see the line if text through their eyes.

Additionally, manipulating the text (font, boldness, color, spacing) should also affect how the reader receives Anne's line of text.

In this respect it takes on some of the properties of poetry--isolating words or segments of lines on the image tells its own story.

Students then attach the image to a blog entry about their work--why should anyone care? Why should anyone see Anne's line through your eyes...what does the reader gain by having you guide him/her to the line?

Why is it important to you?

Students will blog (@8grwriters) and tweet their work throughout the following week.

Attached here is one example of a mentor text I created for class. On an upcoming blog post I will model a response to a different poster and line.

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