Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Visual Story: Love Conquers All

The series of pictures above my sample 5 image visual story--yesterday, I showed the students some work from others on the internet; today I want to walk them step by step through the process of placing the images in a series on Blogger.  I created this story using only Encyclopedia Britannica's Image Quest (and a cup of coffee)--I set out with the goal of looking for something to create one of the four main story types discussed in class: love story, someone goes on a journey, worlds collide, or a stranger comes to town.

It didn't take long to scan through pictures for an inspiration--a lone penguin leaping into the ocean.

Image Quest works is easy to use--when you identify a picture that you like you simply click the button which adds it to your "light box."  From your light box you select the images to download to your computer--from there it is very easy to upload to a blog post on Blogger.

We're a Google school, so our kids have Google Accounts through our district.  Setting up classroom blogs was easy--I set up one blog per class.  Using their normal Google log-in students will be able to create a blog post and upload their images.

From past experience with 8th graders, I anticipate having to walk them through the process several times (over a few different classes) but they tend to pick it up.  With this type of assignment I am always reminded that our students are not the tech experts they (and we) sometimes mistake them for...they want to use technology; they want to leap into anything technology; but they need a lot of guidance and mentoring when it comes to using technology as a tool and not a toy.

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